Artist Statement

I’m fascinated by lines, marks and shapes that seem to recede and advance into layers of color, much as thoughts and memories ebb and flow in and out of our consciousness throughout the day.  I’m also intrigued by the process of connecting thoughts and images from my own life with shapes, images and lines that recall nature and the landscape.  These concepts have driven much of my work for over ten years.

My paintings are made with traditional materials-- panel, paper or canvas, oil paint and a variety of media such as powdered marble, natural pigments, charcoal, graphite, pigment sticks, and sometimes collage.   I experiment with different painting mediums, especially cold wax and various painting oils and gels, as a way to achieve a sense of luminosity and depth that lends itself to the ideas of palimpsest and memory combined with the landscape.  I usually begin my work with abstracted shapes that recall the terrain near my home and then I continue with improvisational marks, lines, text and drawings that remind me of nature and of my own thoughts and associations.  I develop many layers in a process that involves covering, revealing and covering again, until the painting reaches a resolution that hints at the history beneath the surface.  

Each morning from my studio doorway I look out across a wide valley toward distant mountains where open land stretches before me like an ocean.  My front window view is filled with great arcs of sky that change in color and intensity during the day.  As I work, I observe the deepening light as shadows form on the hills just outside my door.  Often the rustling of grass and trees in the wind are the only sounds I hear as I proceed with my painting.   I find most of my painting ideas here, just outside my studio door — with the colors, movement, light, shadows and sounds of the high desert.  This is where I work and where I feel most comfortable-- where my inner reflections take shape and find their way into my paintings that are meant to be a synthesis of my inner world with the landscape.